Pandit Shrikantha Shastri
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About Veda Geetha Foundation

First ever vedic school in San Diego, CA

Veda Geetha Foundation was started early 2012 in San Diego by Pandit Shrikantha Shastri. The Veda classes (incudes Mahanyasa, Rudram, Chamakam, Suktams, etc.) which shastriji takes every week, have attracted more than 50 students in and around San Diego, and is growing continuously.

The vedas are very relevant today as it was during very ancient times and will continue to guide mankind beyond any foreseeable future on this planet. In order to propogate and sustain the hoary tradition gifted and imparted to us by our ancestors, under the guidance and blessings of Pandit Shrikantha Shastri, a vedic school has been established in San Diego to sustain these values.

Mission and Objectives of "Veda Geetha Foundation"

  1. To bring about significant shift, establishing the principles of Hindu dharma and way of life among the students in particular and contribute to the society by way of bringing about attitudinal changes and bring about peace and prosperity.
  2. To establish the vedic tradition in these days of eroding values and to strengthen the Hindu way of life and culture through the time tested vedic principles and shastras.
  3. Performance and observance of religious rites as per shastras and scriptures for the upliftment of the mankind in general and to derive great benefits for the society bringing about peace, harmony and prosperity in the society.

Link to Maha Rudra-2015 videos